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Ultimate success – the qualities of the believers from Surah Mu’minoon and Surah Furqan

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Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathahu!

This post is dedicated to the seeker. The one who is seeking guidance to a path that is not crooked nor leads astray. The path that will lead you to your Lord and all that He promises.

Glad tidings to you, for your Lord has revealed qualities and characteristics that will lead you toward your ultimate success.

This post will list the 6 qualities that a believer possesses as mentioned by Allah (swt) in Surah Mu’minoon (the believers) and the 12 qualities that Allah (swt) mentions in Surah Furqan (the criterion).

Most or all of us will be falling short in one or more of the qualities. May we identify where we need to make improvements and may Allah grant us the gift of implementing these qualities into our lives.

Qualities of the believers - Surah mu’minoon

  1. when they are in salah they pray with full Kushoo (complete focus, concentration and humbleness – they feel that they stand before their Lord while in prayer)
  2. they avoid vain talk (anything that does not add any value to their lives in this world or the next – such as gossip, back-biting, lewd and indecent conversation etc.)
  3. they are active in doing zakah (notice here that the emphasis is on doing zakah as opposed to giving zakah? So the implication is that these people (the believers) don’t just give charity when asked, but they are proactive in searching for people in their localities or within their own families to help. This could also mean people using their God given talents for the service of mankind, such as volunteer doctors who use their own money, their skills and expertise, to help as many underprivileged patients as they can, or the lawyer who helps as many people fight injustice pro bono etc.)
  4. they protect their private parts. They don’t commit fornication or adultery or go anywhere near fahsha (lewdness) or anything that would lead toward zina.
  5. they keep their promises and trusts (if they say they will meet you at a certain location at 5pm, they will meet you at that location at 5pm and not 5.01pm. Also they can be trusted with your wealth and belongings).
  6. And finally: they strictly guard their 5 daily prayers (notice how Allah comes back to salah? The first quality refers to Khushoo or the quality of your salah, here Allah refers to the number or the quantity of the salah. So these people protect their daily salah no matter what).

And Allah promises these people that they will be the ones who will inherit Jannah and they will dwell therein forever! What a beautiful reward? Alhamdulillah!

My dearest reader, please note down the above six qualities and ask yourself in which areas do you need further improvements in? Insha’Allah let’s work toward rectifying this and make small but daily improvements in at least one area that we are lacking.

Now let us move on to the qualities of the believers in Surah Furqan

1. They walk on the earth in humility

2. When the ignorant address them with harsh words they respond with peace (Salam)

3. They spend their nights in adoration of Allah in prayer.

4. Those who make the following dua:

(Surah furqan:65-66) the nearest meaning – “our Lord! Avert from us the wrath of hell, for its wrath is indeed an affliction grievous. Evil indeed is it as an abode, and as a place to rest in.” (Dear reader, I would like you to keep this dua at the back of your mind, I’ll come back to this in a bit insha’Allah).

5. When they spend, they are not extravagant and are not stingy but hold a balance between these extremes.

6. They do not invoke anyone other god or deity (they don’t commit shirk).

7. They don’t kill innocent people.

8. They don’t  commit fornication (and adultery).

9. They don’t witness falsehood (I.e. they don’t give false witness, they don’t lie and they don’t help with anything that implies fraud, cheating or falsehood).

10. When people are engaged with vain talk, bad jokes, useless show etc. they don’t walk away in an arrogant or fussy fashion but they withdraw from such people in a dignified and honourable way.

11. Those when they are admonished with Allah’s signs they don’t ignore the message or act as if they are deaf or blind but are those who take heed.

12. Those who make the following dua:

(Surah furqan:74) nearest meaning “our Lord! Grant unto us spouses and offspring who will be the coolness of our eyes, and make us leaders of the pious”.

Allah Rabbul Izzath summarises with the following -

“Those (the ones who have the above qualities) are the ones who will be rewarded with the highest place in heaven (Jannathul Firdous) because of their patient constancy: there they will be met with salutations and peace. Dwelling therein – how beautiful an abode and place of rest” (Surah Furqan:75-76)

Dearest reader, remember I asked you to keep the first of the two duas mentioned here in mind? Please go back to it (point number 4 above) and have a quick read. What does the believer ask protection from and how does he/she describe hell? He says it is a place evil to rest in. Now what does Allah say these people will get as a reward? Allah says they will get Jannathul Firdous and how does Allah describe Jannah as? He says how beautiful an abode and place of rest :)


May we strive to implement each of these qualities into our lives and May we be able to inculcate all of them before we die so we meet our Lord saying “ya Allah we have heard and we obeyed!”

May Allah grant us hidaya and sabr in order to be this person that Allah talks about in both Surah Furqan and Surah Mu’minoon.


Barakallahu lee wa lakum fil quranil kareem

Wa nafa’nee wa iyyakum bil aayaati wa dhikril hakeem

Innahu jawaadun malikun barrun rabbur ra’oofur raheem

May Allah bless me and you through the guidance of this noble Quran

And may its teachings and remembrances benefit me and you

Truly Allah is the possessor of wealth, the sovereign,  the all good, the one who has authority and power over us,  the loving and infinitely-merciful.

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