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Aam-ul-huzn – What did our Nabi (Sal) Lose?


Bismillah wassalathu wassalamu ala rasoolillah

When reading the story of the life of our beloved nabi-e-kareem sallallahu alaihiwasallam (sal), it really saddens me when people just go over his blessed life as if it’s some story or a series of events. I’m especially talking about the Aam-ul-huzn…

This was the year that Rasul sal named Aam-ul-huzn.. Or the year of sorrow.

Why? Because he sal lost his beloved wife and uncle.

But then the storytellers just fast forward on to Al Isra Wal Mi’raj..
SunhanAllah, that’s an amazing journey no doubt!

But can we please stop and pause for a moment and just ponder over why our nabi sal was so sad and heartbroken?

Can we please stop for a moment and ponder on what habinina nabi Muhammad sal lost?

Let’s rewind the story for a bit…

Let’s go back to that wondrous day when our Nabi sal received Waheeh through Inzaal.. We know he sal ran back to his home trembling in fear. Many messengers before received revelation too, but he sal just received the Qur’an… The most powerful and the most amazing revelation ever!
So he’s understandably trembling after this whole experience.. So he sal runs home and says to Kadija ral “zammilooni zammilooni,” (cover me up, cover me up – wrap me up in a blanket)

Then when he sal related what happened to Seyyidah Kadija radiallahu anha, what does she say to him sal?

15 years of marriage,
6 children later,
death of two of those children,
everything they’ve been through together
Listen to what she says… Listen to what our mother, ummul mo’mineen seyyidah Kadhijathul Kubrah Radiallahu tha’ala anha says about her husband.
This is her summary of her husband (sal)
She says:
Kalla! Wallahi!
I swear by Allah,
You have nothing to worry

La Yuhk’zeeka Allahu abadan
God will never ruin you… He will never abandon you

Why am I so confident in saying this?

What do I know about you? After 15 years of sharing morning and evening, day and night, after sharing a life with you what can I say about you?

Innaka la thaseelul raheem
You are a great family man, you take care of your family, you love your family.

Wathakree addhaif
You honour your guest
Somebody shows up at your doorstep you go above and beyond any type of social obligation, to honour somebody who comes to your door.

Wathahmilul kalla
You look for people, you go out searching for people, who have fallen through the cracks, who are overlooked and neglected, and downtrodden by society, and you go and you grab them by the hand and you lift them back up

Wathaqsimul ma’doom
You take care of people who can’t take care of themselves and you look out for those people.

Wathu’eenu ala nawaibil haqq
You’re always the first person waiting, standing there, ready, whenever there’s a good cause.

That’s who you are!

There’s no way that Allah would ever abandon you, that God would ever forsake you, and I refuse to believe that.

Think about the conviction she has? What is her husband telling her? That he sal hears voices and that he sal saw an angel speak to him? He has doubts about himself, but here is a woman who is ready to follow him to the moon!

He sal asks “yes, but who will believe this message”? Who will believe me?

She says “I believe in this message” -

Asshadu anlailaha illallah wa’ashhadu annaka rasoolillah

My brothers and sisters, THAT is who our Nabi sal lost…

So whenever you hear of the Aam-ul-huzn, don’t ever think of it as some phase our nabi had to go through and move on.. Wallahi, our nabi sal never got over Kadija radiallahu anha’s passing away even as the years passed.

She is the wife of the greatest man to ever walk the earth, mother of the leader of the women on the day of Qiyamah, Fathima Az Zahra Bint Muhammad Radiallahu anha, Grandmother to Hasan and Husein ibn Ali radiallahu anhum and mother of the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam, our mother..

That was who our Nabi-e-kareem sallallahu alaihi wasallam lost in the year Aam-ul-Huzn Sallallahu alaihi wasallam..

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