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What I didn’t say – how I’d like to be remembered


So last week my boss asked me to present to the entire office 10 slides about me. It went really well and I kept it as light-hearted as I possibly could. Everyone had a laugh.

The truth is, I hate talking about myself. Especially in front of colleagues. It puts you in an extremely vulnerable place. People prefer shallow interactions, surface level discussions. So anything deeper is just too heavy or too hard to stomach. So if I were super honest, what would I actually say about me?

To answer this question, I do something that may come across as deeply morbid. I like to visualise people describing me at my deathbed. This exercise although may seem a bit extreme, helps remove all of the facade and unearths what the real me aspires to be and why.

So, when I breath my last, this is what I hope people would say about me:

Shaad was someone who lived by his values. He tried his best to do right by God, by his family and to leave a legacy that shaped the world in his own small way.

Shaad looked after his parents, his wife, his daughter and extended family to the best he could. He touched all those who crossed his path with a smile. He dreamed big and was ambitious.

His beginnings never influenced how he wanted to finish. He believed that with God’s help, he could achieve anything. Not a friend would reach out to him except he would graciously help them.

All he hoped for was that his seeking of forgiveness and efforts would be accepted by God. That he would be able to achieve financial abundance so that he and his family could have security, so he could support his parents in their old age, so he could send his daughter to school and university, so he could give her a head start in life and he could give back to society. Shaad was a giver, especially to help people who were debt ridden with no end in sight or for kids who had the potential of a bright future ahead who didn’t have the means to reach them due to financial constraints. 

He planned his future as though he’ll live forever but he lived every day as though it were his last.

May Allah swt grant me and you the ability to live according to our best selves, serving our purpose on this earth, and may He accept it from us. Allahumma Ameen!

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Author: Shaad Hamid

Shaad Hamid is an Oxford based SEO and PPC blogger, consultant and citizen journalist. Shaad currently works for SEOptimise, a leading search engine and social media marketing agency. Shaad is passionate about internet marketing and is SEO and PPC lead for numerous clients ranging from diverse sectors such as E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Consultancy, Higher Education and Travel. In his spare time, Shaad loves cooking exotic and authentic Sri Lankan dishes, following the cricket and reading thought provoking literature. Find Shaad on Google