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Happy Birthday Daria


Today’s a special day. Today is when you turn 1. Phew, your mom and I made it in one piece! Lol..

I still remember my first impressions of you. You didn’t cry as you were pulled out. Before I got worried, you made a weird sound. It was more like “I’m a bit cold and uncomfortable so please wrap me up” type of a sound that you made, instead of a proper cry. Then when the nurses cleaned you up and placed you on top of Mama, the first thing I remember were your eyes. Those¬†fierce, piercing shiny eyes. You looked at mama and me and looked at us a bit unimpressed. Almost to say “is this it? I was stuck in that slimey dark place for 9 months for you guys?”

But what was more interesting about you was that you looked like you already knew stuff. Like you had a quiet confidence about you. The first night (and the first week) you didn’t let us (and the rest of the hospital ward) sleep. Even your cries sounded determined. So much #extra. It wasn’t a regular #basic cry, it was a proper bring the house down cry.

But after your mama put you on a routine you were amazing! You slept through the night over the last 11 months¬†letting papa get good night’s sleep (mama wasn’t too lucky though, you kept waking her up to be fed). In that time you’ve been so curious, so expressive, so determined, so intelligent and so funny! To my relief I can tell you’re going to grow up to be a proper ball-buster. But more importantly, you’re someone who will enjoy this journey despite what life will ever throw at you.

I don’t know if I’ll be part of your life’s journey, life is never predictable. But I want you to always remember what I saw in you from your very first breath and I don’t want life or anyone else to ever take that fire away from you. I want you to know that your mama and I love you with all our hearts and although you drive us insane sometimes because you’re a proper attention seeker, know that we will always be on your side and we’ll be there for you to catch you when you fall.

Before you’ve hit 1, you’ve travelled with us to 13 different cities in 4 different countries (5 if you include Sri Lanka) and you’ve been a champion with new people, different weather conditions, different modes of travel and different environments, from the stinky New York subways to the cold underground tunnels in Cappadocia.

You have made 2018 the best (and sometimes the most challenging) year for your mama and I; and if last year was anything to go by, I can’t wait to see you grow into a confident, intelligent, ambitious and caring woman.

May Allah swt grant your life purpose, keep you curious and confident and grant you success in this life and the next.. Allahumma Ameen.

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Author: Shaad Hamid

Shaad used to be an Oxford based SEO and PPC blogger, consultant and citizen journalist. He has recently moved to Dubai and is currently working as an SEO Account Manager at DigitasLBi. He is passionate about internet marketing and is the SEO lead for numerous clients from diverse sectors such as FMCG to Travel & Tourism. Find Shaad on Google

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